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Dominoes is an ideal game to play with toddlers As rules are simple and they can benefit from playing as they learn to count and to recognize patterns.

Playing Dominoes helps children improve their visual abilities, photographic memories and assists in developing motor & cognitive skills.

This special domino meets 18m+ toddlers developmental needs while playing with XL domino tails & domino rail.

Grows with your baby, Supporting 4 developmental stages.


Product info:

  • Multiple developmental ways to play:

1. Domino rally with rail support

2. Domino rally while matching, recognizing & naming colors

3. Domino while matching images

4. Domino while recognizing shapes & count

5. Domino rally without rail support

  • Huge double-sided domino tiles (6x12cm) fits toddlers’ small hands while matching their developmental stage.
  • Comes as a set of 1 plastic rail (30*10cm),1 color rail bottom & 10 double sided domino tiles (12*6cm)
  • Education & learning through play.
  • BPA-free, PVC-free, Phthalate-free.
  • Size: 2.4”x 4.7” / 6x12 cm Perfect toy for 12-36 months
  • Safety tested to meet our high standards.
  • 18+


Development Values

  • 1. 18M+ Rally Place & push  - Matching tiles to slots Supports motor skills development, Hand eye coordination, Spatial vision and strength regulation. Pushing the tiles is very rewording leading to a high motivation of the toddler to repeat it again and again with tons of fun.
  • 2. 24M+ Rally place by color  - Matching domino’s color to the same color of the rail’s slot supports cognitive development by color recognition and matching skills.
  • 3. 24M+ Classic domino -  Animal matching / amount matching domino Play - Matching amounts & shapes Helps toddler recognize patterns, recognize & name basic shapes and be introduced to counting.
  • 4. 36M+ Rally with no rail - Motor & cognitive skills. Toddler is now able to understand placing the tiles without using the rail.
  • 5. Encourages fine motor skills, cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination, color & shapes recognition. Helps introduce toddler to counting

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