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Our sensory wonder tissue box for babies and toddlers contains 8 colorful high quality organza fabrics and 2 crinkle blankies with fluffy back side & colorful ribbons. The different fabrics textures trigger baby's senses & motor skills development.

The wonder tissue box is made with prime quality materials making it extra comfortable & safe to use for your children. BPA & Phthalate free.

Measures - 13.5 X 13.5cm


10 soft colorful fabrics helps toddlers develop grasping and fine motor skills while exploring colors and movement. The colorful organza fabrics are soft & gentle to touch they are sheer & light enough to float in the air. The Wonder tissue box encourages endless ideas for imaginary active play, exercise, movement, games, and family activities. Teach toddlers about colors and counting with each of the brightly colored fabrics.

Playing with our Wonder Tissue Box helps baby learns about emptying-and later filling-containers. This task involves both motor and cognitive skills and takes years to master completely. The soft silky fabrics are perfect for learning colors, counting, and enhancing motor & sensory skills.

Modelio kodas: 250-12745
Prekės kodas: 261920
Spalva: Multicolor
Paper cardboard + PP + polyester+cellophane

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