Pregnancy and the birth of a child bring every mom great joy and gives a completely new meaning to life. The arrival of a new baby can change the daily rhythm of life significantly. Therefore, it’s good to be prepared for the birth of a new child.

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During pregnancy, a woman’s health, comfort and well-being are extremely important. Nordbaby offers a vast selection of products that support a woman during pregnancy and after giving birth – maternity clothing, aids and supplies to help with breastfeeding and nursing pillows. 
Support leggings, underwear and belts for belly support keep the belly and back warm during pregnancy and help prevent back pain. In addition, you can find various shapes of nursing bras, that are of great help with breastfeeding.
Sleep quality is of high importance for a future mother and a good sleep promotes healthy development of the baby in the womb. However, finding a comfortable sleeping position can often be difficult during pregnancy. Doomoo’s universal and practical nursing pillows can be used for finding a comfortable sleeping position during pregnancy and for breast-feeding the baby or feeding with a bottle, adapting to the needs of the mother and the growing baby. Additionally, a nursing pillow can easily be used for supporting the baby lying down or sitting up.
Breastfeeding is a natural part of life. Nowadays, there’s plenty of equipment available to help make breastfeeding easy and convenient for both the mother and the baby. Pick a suitable nursing bra and breast pump, that helps to gently stimulate natural milk flow and that helps combine breast-feeding and bottle-feeding at a fast pace of life. Breast pumps are either manual or electronic – pick a suitable solution for yourself! In order to prevent breast milk from leaking, we recommend nursing mothers to use disposable leak-proof breast pads that are unnoticeable under clothing. 
In Nordbaby’s selection you’ll find plenty of practical products for a mother that help adjust to change quickly and make day-to-day tasks with the baby convenient and simple.